NHWA is supporting a solo cyclist, as they ride 4,000kms across Australia!

And who is this solo cyclist that Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) is supporting?  

Their President Bernie Durkin!  AND, this is his ‘once in a life-time’ challenge.

And what exactly is this incredible challenge?

Well, Bernie is cycling solo, oh yes, we typed solo, across Australia!!!!  Bernie’s only companion for this entire journey will be a small bike-trailer of supplies.  You got it, that means no, NO, support vehicle.

Scarborough Beach, yep that one in Western Australia, which is on the west coast, is the start, with the finish being all the way across our wide, sunburnt country to Bondi Beach, in New South Wales, on the east coast…   Phew, I am exhausted just that the thought.

WHY??  OH WHY????

Great question, so glad you asked:


Bernie plans to connect as many people as possible through the NHWConnect App which is an on-line NHW group, during his 4,000 kilometre push-bike ride.  This incredible journey is to promote the importance of keeping Australia safe:  connecting neighbours to neighbours along the way through Neighbourhood Watch.

Are you still asking BUT WHY?

That is a fair question to ask again.  By combining his innate passion for cycling and his compassion for community safety is what has driven Bernie to undertake the biggest personal challenge of his life.

AND, when is this absolutely amazing feat occurring?

Saturday 25 February 2017 to Saturday 8 April 2017, that’s when.  You can check out the proposed itinerary from the start to 10 March 2017 further below.

Want to know more about Bernie?

Name:             Bernie

Age:                 55

Status:             Married, Father of two adorable children


– Executive Manager of Community Engagement for Western Australia Police

– Director, Western Australia’s Neighbourhood Watch program

– President, Neighbourhood Watch Australasia*
*collaboration of all member Neighbourhood Watch programs across Australia and New Zealand

Bernie is hoping that the friendly road-users will assist him by providing water, or supplies, if he finds himself short of either.

Sleeping in a tent, Bernie plans to be as self-sufficient as possible, but is optimistic that the goodwill and community spirit of fellow Aussie’s will help him across the country.

Bernie believes by promoting the simple actions of one individual connecting to another he can raise awareness that community safety is everyone’s responsibility.

You can track and view Bernie’s progress and adventures.  NHWA are monitoring Bernie’s safety:  a blog will be updated three times a week, with regular postings on the NHWA Facebook page.

Federal Minister for Justice, the Hon Michael Keenan, WA Police Assistant Commissioner Duane Bell and other officials will be farewelling Bernie at 8.00am at Scarborough Beach, on Saturday 25th February. You are invited to bid Bernie a very supportive farewell, as he ventures across our beautiful country.

Are you hankering for more information on this unbelievable occurrence?

You can visit the NHWA web page for further details:  www.nhwa.com.au/ridetoconnect2017

Date Ride Day From To Road Total Klm
25 February


Scarborough Beach Northam National Highway 94

100 up hill

26 February


Northam Merredin National Highway 94


27 February


Merredin Southern Cross National Highway 94


28 February


South Cross Per side 30 kms short of Coolgardie National Highway 94


Sleep rough
1 March


30 kms south Coolgardie Half way between Coolgardie and Norseman National Highway 94


Sleep rough
2 March


Halfway Coolgardie to Norseman Norseman National Highway 94


3 March


Rest Day in Norseman Full Rest Day
4 March


Norseman Halfway Fraser Range and Balladonia National Highway 1


Sleep rough
5 March


Halfway Fraser Range and Balladonia Halfway Balladonia and Cocklebiddy National Highway 1


6 March


Halfway Balladonia and Cocklebiddy Cocklebiddy National Highway 1


7 March


Cocklebiddy to 50 kms past Madura National Highway 1


Sleep rough
8 March


50 kms past Madura Border Village National Highway 1


Border WA/SA
9 March


Border Village 50kms short of Nullarbor Road House National Highway A1


Sleep rough
10 March


Rest Day – 50kms to Nullarbor Rd House Half Rest Day

Stay safe, be happy!


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